Our most succesful machine range has just grown, the EN now ranges from 70 to 2000 tonne.

Compact, simple to operate and of easy maintenance. Powered by Siemens servo pump system our EN range is the answer to all workshop every-day needs: total up time, low cost, great repeatability and very, very low energy consumption.


Technical characteristics:

  • Specifications according to EUROMAP standards
  • Technical safety requirements according to CE standards
  • 5-point mechanical-hydraulic bi-toggle clamping system
  • T slots for fixing moulds
  • Reinforced platens with ample distance between tie bars and threaded holes for fixing moulds
  • Clamp unit and injection unit movements on linear guides (faster movements and maintenance free)
  • Moving platen and tie bar interference free, maintaining the mould area clean and free of contamination of lubricants
  • Stop and go system: servo driven machine. Energy savings of up to 60%, improved machine’s performance and life of all the hydraulic components


New Control – CM20:

  • 18" touch screen programming and navigation
  • Remote connectivity via Ethernet 10/100 (Wi-Fi upgradable)
  • USB port for data transfer and storage.
  • Possibility to install optional outlets for ancillaries
  • Connectivity via the Internet, VNC Server, Web server, FTP server and server PVI.

Main Technical Features

Mould clamping force100 tonne
Mould height (maximum x minimum) (mm)460 x 160
Platen size (horizontal x vertical) (mm)640 x 640
Space between tie bars (mm)420 x 420
Maximum daylight opening (mm)880
Screw diameter (mm)30 / 35 / 40 / 45
Screw ratio (L/D)25 / 22 / 20 / 18
Maximum injection volume (cm3))127 / 173 / 226 / 286
Maximum injection weight (PS) (g)120 / 165 / 215 / 270
Maximum injection pressure (1) (bar)2670 / 1960 / 1500 / 1200